On My Works

Cast-off shells of cicadas are fascinating. A cicada comes out and flies off right away. There remains only an empty shell, just like made of a fine thin film, like oil paper. Covering skin injury with oil paper makes recovery of skin damage quicker. This is one of the reasons my work is made with oil paper which symbolize growth, healing, and reproduction.

When we look at a remained shell, we can still feel a strong sense of its being. Think about what we, as a human being, can do to throw off as we grow in our life. Clothes might be one as we take it off when it becomes old or too small. Clothes in the past bring up old memories. And those memories are consisting present “I” without any doubts, and this present “I” will constructs “I” in the future. When I think of my existence, it is made by a countless number of accumulated memories. That is why I strongly believe every little things in every single day is very important. I hope to continue creating my works to regenerate myself day after day.

While looking back my past, I remember I liked reading books all the time from young of age. Stories of traveling the world gave me simulate experiences of another life which never have been experienced in real life. Like that I hope a story drawn by a personal memory will create the next new story for everyone by experiencing my art work.