gallery exhibition date
Cafe edomons NANSO KANAYA GEIJUTSU TOKKU 2017/3/10~2017/3/20
Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts Group Exhibition 2016/12/3~2016/12/8
Salon de Vanhou Group Exhibition 2016/12/3~2016/12/11
Gallery Bougatei Group Exhibition 2016/10/14~2016/11/6
「Wear the Art!」
TOKI ART SPACE THE LIBRARY 2016 2016/8/10~2016/8/21
Tennouzu Central Tower ART HALL /Tokyo A4 2016/3/28~2016/4/15
MEDIA SHOP gallery THE LIBRARY in KYOTO 2016 2016/1/19~2016/1/24
E&C GALLERY /Fukui Body Memories 2015/9/5~2015/9/26
Renovation House in KAMATA /Tokyo Sculpture map 2015/9/5~2015/9/12
TOKI ART SPACE THE LIBRARY 2015 2015/8/4~2015/8/15
Galerie BOA DanDans – Une nouvelle génération d’artistes japonais Venue lll 2015/6/2~2015/6/16
Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris DanDans – Une nouvelle génération d’artistes japonais Venue l 2015/6/2~2015/6/13
Ashikaga Museum of Art /Tochigi Bookshelf of the art museum 2015/4/11~2015/5/24
Ashikaga Museum of Art /Tochigi 2015 Xiang 2015/3/20~2015/4/8
MEDIA SHOP gallery THE LIBRARY in KYOTO 2015/3/17~2015/3/22
German Federal Foreign Office /Berlin Thinking of ENERGY – from the experience of FUKUSHIMA 2014/10/16~2014/11/13
Togata Community center /Kagawa Tonosyo Art Project 2014 2014/8/1~2014/8/31
SPACE Q Light in Spring 2014/3/3~2014/3/8
Toyobo Memorial /Kagawa Tonosyo Art Project 2013 2013/12/29~2013/12/29
FLEW GALLERY HAKO art 2013/11/29~2013/12/4
veriete honroku Gallery and books Christmas present FAIR 2013 2013/11/28~2013/12/15
Fukuyama Museum of Literature /Hiroshima Fukuyama Art Walk 2013 2013/11/3~2013/11/4
cafe NAHANA /Hokkaido Otaru Book Art Week 2013 2013/11/1~2013/11/9
Browse & Darby Ltd Dandans, a Collective of Japanese Emerging Artists 2013/10/17~2013/11/7
TOKI ART SPACE THE LIBRARY 2013 2013/8/13~2013/8/24
HILLSIDE FORUM /Tokyo HILLSIDE FORUM /Tokyo 2013/7/24~2013/8/4
HILLSIDE FORUM /Tokyo Bookshelf of the art museum 2013/5/18~2013/6/30
FLEW GALLERY 「Conche」 〜Five works of Sweet Valentine’s Day〜 2013/2/8~2013/2/13
FLEW GALLERY TreeParty 2012/11/16~2012/11/21
FLEW GALLERY アートリンク上野ー谷中2012「ろじへん」/「ほっこらーと」 2012/9/22~2012/10/14
Kitakata city /Fukushima AIZU URUSHI ART FESTIVAL 2011 2011/10/1~2011/11/23
Bookshelf of the art museum DANDANS Exhibition No.8 Hierher Dorthin -こちらへ、あちらへ- 2011/8/2~2011/8/9
FLEW GALLERY mizutama 2011/7/15~2011/7/20
Gallery KINGYO Happy St.Valentine’s Day 2011/1/29~2011/2/12
FLEW GALLERY Group Exhibition 2010/8/6~2010/9/4
Singapore Japan Creative Centre Centre to Periphery 2010/6/8~2010/6/21
Old building of French Embassy /Tokyo Artists’ Book Exhibition : Centre to Periphery 2010/4/13~2010/4/19
フランス大使館 DANDANS at No Man’s Land 2010/1/21~2010/1/31
FLEW GALLERY Solo show 「Looking for the whereabouts」 2009/10/9~2009/10/14
Chinzan-so /Tokyo DANDANS Exhibition no.5 A Midsummer Dream 2009/8/16~2009/8/30
FLEW GALLERY Group Exhibition 2009/5/2~2009/5/20
FLEW GALLERY Solo show 「ALL ABOUT THE MEMORY」 2008/11/14~2008/11/20
atelier nekomise-OTARU 2008/10/4~2008/10/12
Solo show 「ALL ABOUT THE MEMORY」 The House -How to live with modern art – 2008/5/19~2008/5/29
FLEW GALLERY toukon 2008/5/9~2008/5/21
FLEW GALLERY FORCE THE LIVING FINAL spring / wind / flow 2008/3/21~2008/3/26
Book gallery Christmas Show 2007 2007/12/11~2007/12/22
Citizen of Naha-shi gallery /Okinawa HAIKU 2007/12/1~2007/12/14
Ashiya City Museum of Art & History Book indépendants 2007/11/23~2007/12/24
Madarao-Kougen Yamanoie Gallery /Nagano Madarao Arts Festival 2007/10/26~2007/10/28
TOKI ART SPACE Gallery ART SPACE Produce THE LIBRARY 2007 -Exhibition of thebook object- 2007/8/14~2007/8/25
gallery[AT•EASY] /Tokyo Solo show 「A personal memory exhibition」 2006/9/1~2006/9/30
Lux Gallerie conspiratio 1 2006/7/24~2006/7/30
Tama Art University Museum/Tokyo THE LIBRARY 2006/6/10~2006/7/2
Ashikaga Museum of Art/Tochigi THE LIBRARY 2006/4/22~2006/6/4
Citizen of Naha-shi gallery /Okinawa Haiku Image Sculpture 2006/4/18~2006/4/30
Gallery ART SPACE hyakuyoubako/ Tokyo Memory of departure 2005/12/10~2006/1/29
Personal gallery Mediterranean /Tokyo Amo la vita 2005/12/7~2005/12/23
O gallery chibiero/ Ginza, Tokyo empty skin 2005/11/1~2005/11/30
Gallery ART SPACE bis Group Exhibition 2005/8/2~2005/8/21
Gallery ART SPACE Group Exhibition 2005/5/17~2005/5/22
Brick-one HANG ART! 2004/12/13~2004/12/18
Maejima Art Center Group Exhibition 2004/12/7~2004/12/12
Gallery ART SPACE ABOVE THE BOOK 2004/6/1~2004/6/12
Gallery ART SPACE 「collaborators」The second contact 2004/3/23~2004/3/28
gallery K /Tokyo Solo show 「2002.6.9/2003.6/14 Un-special every day」 2003/6/9~2003/6/14
gallery K /Tokyo Solo show 「The absolute memory」 2002/5/6~2002/5/11
House of old Toya obstetrisian /Kagoshima Solo show 「The past, we were a child」 2001/8/1~2001/8/20
gallery K /Tokyo Solo show -each another person- 「However, we advance forward」 2001/2/12~2001/2/21
Waterfall Park of Sogi /Kagoshima Solo show 「And my robe of feathers, your one」 2001/1/10~2001/1/20
Citizen of Naha-shi gallery /Tokyo Solo show 「Go on a journey from the bed」 2000/3/1~2000/3/14